Tile and Grout Maintenance Made Easy – Some Essential Tips

Tiles are the most preferred flooring materials that are also used on walls in kitchens and bathrooms. At other places, it is used for floors that look splendid. But in order to maintain the looks, proper maintenance is necessary. Regular cleaning has to be done so as to ensure that dirt and grime do not accumulate on the surface. This is also necessary to maintain a clean environment and improve the quality of air that adds to the health benefit of the inhabitants. While occasional cleaning by tile and grout cleaning Adelaide professional is recommended, the basic responsibility of regular maintenance lies with the user of the premises.


Make it a routine

No, it is not at all difficult to do regular tiles maintenance if you know about some smart ways of doing it. While cleaning of kitchen and bathroom tiles are to be done at close intervals, daily for kitchens and weekly for bathrooms, the interval can be different for maintenance of floor tiles. How frequent you need to clean the floor tiles would depend on the amount of traffic in the area. Heavy traffic areas would require more attention at close intervals that can be lesser for other areas that are not as crowded. Along with tiles maintenance, we can follow easy upholstery cleaning method to clean our upholstery furniture.

Eco friendly maintenance tips

Knowing about some easy eco friendly methods would help to avoid use of harsh chemicals that tend to harm people and the environment.

  • Use rugs and mats – Rugs and mats are very useful to arrest dirt and grime. Place these suitably in areas of heavy traffic so that the greater part of dirt and grime is accumulated on the mats and rugs so that they do not affect the tiles and grout lines. But, regular cleaning of the mats is necessary.
  • Avoid chemicals – Do not use harsh chemicals for cleaning tiles. These are as harmful to tiles as much it is to humans. These chemicals can damage the tiles and grout while cleaning it thereby making it lose the shine and lustre which is essential not only for good looks but also to prevent dust , dirt and grime from settling on the surface easily. The sealing of the grout that is essential to maintain its surface is often affected by harmful chemicals and is worn out.
  • Floor cleaning – This should be a weekly activity that is to be done with vinegar solution in water. The solution is spread on the floor and allowed to stay for about 10 minutes. The solution removes the grime which is then wiped away. Make sure to make the floor dry after wiping to avoid the formation of mildew.
  • Suitable cleaners – Bleach is considered as a good tiles and grout cleaner but only for white tiles. Wet the floor with a solution of bleach in water and then wipe it dry after some time to make the tiles shine bright again with all stains and dirt removed. But if the tiles are coloured, then instead of bleach use a few drops of lemon juice that is effective in removing stains from tiles and grouts.

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