Get Familiar with Different Carpet Cleaning Methods

Carpets are used as decorative floor coverings that enhance the quality of interior decoration. Hence the need to keep it clean and tidy to maintain its appeal. Carpet cleaning is a specialised job that is best handled by professional Brighton Carpet Cleaning companies. Among several carpet cleaning companies in Adelaide, Dad & Jerry’s Carpet Cleaning Services stands out from the rest in the quality of services at the most reasonable cost.

There are several techniques of carpet cleaning that the professional cleaners can offer. But which is to be chosen will depend on what kind of cleaning you prefer, the amount of time that you are willing to devote for cleaning and your budget. You have to choose between the wet method and the dry method of carpet cleaning. Professional cleaners can offer tile and grout maintenance tips along with carpet cleaning easy techniques. Having some idea about how these methods work will help you to decide what will be best for you.


Wet cleaning methods

This method of carpet cleaning comprises two different techniques – deep steam cleaning or hot water extraction and absorbent pad cleaning.

  • Steam Cleaning – For thorough cleaning of carpets from deep inside steam cleaning is recommended by the professional service providers especially for carpets that are heavily soiled. The cleaning process can reach down to the deepest level of the carpet that uses high temperature and chemicals to remove the soils by vacuum extraction after soaking the carpet with cleaning agent. Steam cleaning is more expensive than cleaning by absorbent pad as it uses sophisticated cleaning machines and it takes more time for drying.
  • Absorbent pad cleaning – But for carpets that are less dirty cleaning by absorbent pad works well. Also known as bonnet cleaning, the process cleans the surface of the carpet up to a depth of a third while the chemicals used for cleaning along with the dirt are pushed down to the deeper layers. The process starts by vacuuming the carpet and then moistening it with cleaning chemicals. The bonnet or absorbent pad is then scrubbed on the carpet with the help of a rotary machine and the scrubbing action removes the soils and dirt from the top layer of the carpet. This is a cheaper method that is good for routine carpet maintenance.

Dry cleaning methods

Here also there are two methods – Dry foam method and Absorbent compound cleaning method.

  • Dry foam method – A shampoo like foaming surfactant is applied on the carpet that is allowed to stay for some time and then removed by vacuum to suck away dirt and soils that had accumulated beneath the carpet surface. This is a fast cleaning process that does not cost too much.
  • Absorbent compound cleaning – The leaning agent used in this method is a compound of a powder in special solvents that is spread on the carpet to absorb the dust and dirt that is ten removed by vacuum. This is a very fast and simple method.

Dad & Jerry’s Carpet Cleaning Services in Adelaide can offer the right advice about the most appropriate method that would suit you.


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